Matt Rodwell

Model, surfer, Nike Trainer and CrossFit athlete, Matt Rodwell trains six days a week and is all about getting out of your comfort zone to try new experiences.

How did you discover CrossFit? 

My Dad got me into CrossFit. He told me I should use it to improve my surfing. I got addicted to the black and white competitive nature of the sport and the rest is history.

Tell us about your training routine?

In the lead up to competition I train 6 days a week, 1 day is a recovery day and 1 day is complete rest. I think the more you learn, the more your training changes. When I first started I was going as hard as I could. As I’ve gotten more experience I now pick specific events to peak for, whilst trying to maintain an above average fitness level all year round.

What are your favourite ClassPass studios?

I love how easily I can access a massage, yoga or acupuncture. That for me is making a massive difference. My buddy Ryan’s gym 12x3 and my friends At Your Beat are also on there, which is awesome.

Tips for workout motivation?

Get out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens. Variety will make a big difference. 

What would you recommend to someone who is afraid to try CrossFit? 

Everything’s a little daunting the first time round so grab a friend and give it a go! It’s helpful to someone more experienced with you. 

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