Andrew from Power of Boxing

The Power of Boxing provide high intensity boxing classes with a specific focus on technique and fitness. They are partnered with the charity Carney’s Community whose aim is to help engage disadvantaged young people through boxing.

How did you get into boxing? 

I started boxing when I was 15 and from there carried on my training at Caius House, where I had several amateur fights. I now work at Carney’s Community where I am a level 3 qualified coach. Alongside boxing, I have been running the music studio at Carney’s Community for the last two years. I use music and boxing as engagement tools for young people to express themselves and create an identity.   

Tell us about Carney’s Community?

Carney's Community help to engage disadvantaged young people through boxing. We believe that by empowering young people through mentoring, participation, focusing on their strengths and learning from each other, these young people can improve not only their opportunities, but also those of their local communities.There is a focus on engaging the most disadvantaged groups in society and making them feel a part of something, whilst helping them to achieve.  

What is the importance of boxing there?

Boxing is central to most of what we do, but it is a vehicle used to create positive change in people’s lives. The focus is not on creating the competitive boxers, but it is more about helping people to learn transferable life skills like resilience, courage and how to control emotions. 

Describe the community at Carney’s Community?

Carney’s is a community and a family which anyone can belong to, no matter their background.  It is a place that focuses on people’s strengths, offers support and helps people to be the best they can be. It is a place that highlights both the positives and the potential in everyone who walks through the door.  All are welcome and all play a role in developing the community for the better. 

The Power of Boxing support Carney’s Community’s work to help engage disadvantaged young people through boxing. Join the community and get punching for a good cause with ClassPass today.