Nesrine Dally from Thai Fit

Aiming to make martial arts accessible for everyone, Thai Fit is a Muay Thai gym with a serious focus on punching pads and community. Combining Muay Thai training with HIIT moves, expect a serious sweat.

Describe Thai Fit in three words?

Fun, fierce and empowering. 

What inspired you to open Thai Fit?

We wanted to create a space that would make martial arts accessible to all and take away the aspect of competing and contact. There are sometimes misconceptions surrounding combat sports, that unless you want to fight you can’t train. We wanted to open the doors to everyone to enjoy the training principles of Muay Thai without the pressure to compete.  

How did you get into Muay Thai?

I wanted to find a new way to challenge my body and learn a new skill. Muay Thai is so much fun as you’re constantly learning something new, it never stops, plus you push through mental and physical barriers every session. 

What makes Thai Fit different?

Our training method allows your body to get a complete workout, we’ve combined traditional Muay Thai pad work with strength and HIIT circuits. We also see it as our duty to make the training we offer more than just fitness. We want to get our members falling in love with the training so much, that they WANT to train every week. We were also one of the first gyms in the area to offer female only Muay Thai classes.

What’s the Thai Fit community like?

We ensure the environment we provide for training is inclusive, free of judgement and that people from all different fitness backgrounds can attend and will want to come back. We’re proud that our gym is for everyone, not just athletes. 

This is not your average gym, when the community isn’t smashing pads you’ll find a serious community. Fancy trying out a new workout in the process? Try Muay Thai with ClassPass today.